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Monday 31st January 2022

Escher Music Connection #34

— Strange Brew
Free monthly community space for local producers to check your tunes & meet other artists
price: Headfirst Tickets


We've outgrown the chaos of the Elevator Sound instore sessions, so we're moved down to Strange Brew who've kindly offered their back room for Escher events. We've got a top notch little system for back there. Sadly this does mean goodbye to BYOB, but their bar is well stocked..

NEW FORMAT: The USB pile is no more! As Escher got busier it got harder and harder to manage all your tracks and USBs (red + black Sandisks I'm looking at you). Therefore we'll be taking ALL Escher sumbissions online before the event.

You can join the Escher Discord Server here: https://discord.gg/KruWQekT5y where you can find all the info about submitting tracks. Deadline for track submission is 24 hours before the event.
This also means we'll have a bit more of a cohesive layout for the night.

House rules:
- Escher is for everyone, any level of experience, genre or production style. The more varied Escher is, the more we all gain from it. Bring your weirdness!
- Please respect the tunes and the people, Escher is a community space where we support each other.
- All tracks submitted must be unreleased.
- Theres no pressure to put your name to a tune, if you just want to sit and have a listen back you're more than welcome to.
- Escher is free for everyone and a great way to explore the unreleased underground of Bristol, bring some mates!