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Saturday 21st May 2022

space•lab with Jane Fitz

— Strange Brew
Jane Fitz returns to Bristol for an intergalactic rave up at Strange Brew
price: Headfirst Tickets


Jane Fitz
Dr. Baird

*PLS NOTE THIS PARTY GOES UNTIL 4AM and there will be tickets on the door*

The lab will be set up in the dark confines of Strange Brew with Jane Fitz in the cockpit, fuelling the party with the deepest bag in dance music. Co-pilots Tywi and Dr Baird complete the bill with a debut b2b.

space•lab is a multi-sensory club event with lo-fi hi-tech DIY production, loads decor and glowing things, a merch stand selling rave tackle and a PS1 with Wipeout in the corner.

Artist Videos:

Jane Fitz & Miki | The MUDD Show x Opal
Jane Fitz @ La Machine du Moulin Rouge
Jane Fitz & Miki | The MUDD Show x Opal

Artist Audio:

bandcamp - Haŵs
Guy Contact

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