American Longform Night at The Bristol Improv Theatre
£12 from The Bristol Improv Theatre website

A event on Friday 24th November. The event starts at 20:00.

Join us for an evening of American Longform, featuring three of the best longform groups in Bristol doing three completely different formats in one amazing night.

American-style longform improv comedy troupe from Bristol. Having performed at the Edinburgh International Improv Festival and the Birmingham Comedy Festival, explore the world of improv through a hilarious compilation of scenes and bits as these masters of wit take one word and turn it into a show.

‘Damn near perfect improv’ – The Glasgow Improv Theatre

The Groundhogs – Performers and students from Bristol’s Longform improv community join forces to perform The Detour format; an exploration of all the possible ways that a single scene could have gone…but didn’t.

The House Armando Team is a loose name for the collection of improvisers who come together when the Improv Theatre needs them most, and performs the hilarious armando format!

Originated by Armando Diaz, this format takes its inspiration from an improvised monologue usually given by a guest. Often a stand-up comic or an expert in a given field will give the monologue, and then the improvisers will take “premises” or elements from the monologue to inspire a series of improvised sketches and scenes

One of the most famous examples is UCB’s ASSSSSCAT shows, which you can watch on YouTube. They’re hilarious and you’ll probably recognise a lot of actors albeit quite a lot younger

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