Cucina Povera- Agathe Max - Viridian at The Brunswick Club
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"Tap Learn More for info and tickets. Estadio Nacional [cinema] LIVE Launch Night [funk, electronic, poetry] Erektronica w/ Anorak, Relapse [rave, drone/noise, punk] Imagine That w/ Them Things, The Belishas [experimental pop, rock, indie] BEEF w/ Cucina Povera, Agathe Max, Viridian [drone/noise, experimental, classical] Eyebrow [jazz, experimental music, post-rock] Tezeta (BLOOM), Still Jam [jazz, world] Wizzarding Promotions w/ NAUT, DISJOY [rock, indie, punk] No Need To Shout w/ Palm, Last Hyena [rock, indie, jazz, experimental music] Gravy Train presents TRIPTYCH w/ Autobahn, Spectres, Baba Naga, Big Lad, Meatraffle [punk, drone/noise, experimental] Imagine That w/ Jake Morgan, Ben Cooling [indie, folk & acoustic, blues] Something missing? Suggest events in the comments? Tap Learn More for info and tickets."

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A gig on Thursday 7th June. The event starts at 19:00.