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Headfirst Bristol:
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Wednesday 14th November 2018


— The Brunswick Club
BEEF and Bang The Bore are pleased to host the return of New York’s premiere avant-turntablist to Bristol.
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Maria Chavez has quickly become a key figure in the global Sound Art and Experimental Music scene, following in a tradition of vinyl and turntable manipulation that includes artists such as Christian Marclay and Otomo Yoshihide. Yet in spite of its long and distinguished history Chavez has carved a unique and personal approach to the combination of platter, needle and groove, a set of techniques documented in her 2012 instruction book of Chance Procedures on Turntable.


Bluff Aggregates is a new Bristol group with a transitory line-up dedicated to complicating, disregarding or wrecking the act of performance. One member takes the bench and pronounces the terms; the others are made to deal.


Bell Lungs

A one-woman band who has been carving a unique post-folk sound using layered vocals, electric violin, guitar, tunedpercussion, field recordings and effects pedals since 2016 to create transcendental atmospherically shifting soundscapes and snippets of songs, musing upon rural idylls, post-industrial heartlands and online culture infused with psychedelic, improvisational and folk elements.


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