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Fri 10th/11/2017

Photay + Antidröm + R. Karim

— The Cube
A deep dive into electronic ecology, synth-weilding bleep-shamans and soundgardeners
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take a deep dive into electronic ecology, as the cube welcomes a lineup of synth-weilding bleep-shamans and soundgardeners. ecstatic arpeggios and phased glimpses of the divine, the same energy animating the river, the wind, the MPCs and the sequencers, the players and the producers. for fans of Caribou, Bibio and the arpeggiated hip-hop stylings of Bullion or Paul White.




Photay is the solo musical endeavor of Evan Shornstein, hailing from the lush and peaceful evergreen valley of Woodstock, NY. Having been introduced to Aphex Twin at the tender age of 9, he quickly began to embrace music in all of its forms. Combining his newly acquired knowledge of polyrhythmic percussion and years of experimenting with sampling and field recordings, Photay’s sound is a balancing act of analog and digital, of natural and synthetic.

Photay’s debut full-length ​Onism​ dwells in an age of climate change and social media addiction. It is also a reflection of personal conditions, a meditation on place, community, and its creator’s own embodied history. The word ‘onism,’ invented by John Koenig, means the frustration of being stuck in just one body that inhabits only one place at a time. To grasp onism is to be apprised of how little of the world you have experienced, are experiencing, or will ever experience. Photay composed ​Onism​ in the heart of Brooklyn and shrouded by the silence of national parks or on trips home to the woodlands of the Hudson Valley in between touring the urban centers of foreign countries. Scattered but connected, ​Onism’s​ music is a constellation that rips across the night sky of time, charting an emotional reality defined by sadness and joy, dread and wonder.




London-based Antidröm will be presenting a sonic exploration of the classic 1980 sci-fi movie Altered States. Based on the life and decline of John C Lilly, the film explores the pursuit of understanding the conscious experience of man, through the use of psychedelics and isolation tanks.

With a heavy use of sampling, and his custom-built modular syntheziser, Antidröm will explore the film both through its soundtrack and its spiritual implications. Expect bass-heavy, meditative electronics with a heavy dose of William Hurt.




'like a plane built for flight, but now functioning as a submarine: enigmatic, and captivating' - Norman Records

r. karim is an undisciplinary artist-activist undermining consensus reality through song, sensuality and self-defeating behaviour. his practice includes sound, organising, magick, performance, software and agriculture. as a practising animist he uses technology less as a tool, choosing to engage instead in a conversation with technological collaborators.

Event photos for Photay + Antidröm + R. Karim:

Photay at The Cube
Antidröm at The Cube

Artist Videos:

Photay - “Monday” (Official Music Video)
r. karim - bupp (edit)
Antidröm - Rashomon (Contains Flashing Images)

Artist Audio:

Photay - The Everyday Push - Astro Nautico
r. karim

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