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Friday 15th March 2019

Palace.MIXX - #PalaceFilmFest - Short Film Gala

— The Cube
Palace.MIXX showcases contemporary works by queer artists that explore various aspects of queer identity
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Start Time: 13:00

Palace.MIXX showcases contemporary works by queer artists that explore how various aspects of queer identity play out within a variety of approaches to experimental cinema – experienced as part of the Queer Dystopian Palace Party. In every work of art, we see traces of its creator (be it an aesthetic or a layer the artist’s creative output embedded into the personality of a character. As the definition of selfhood changes within the context of immersive digital experience and the increase of our identification with these digital mannerisms, so too does the idea of connection evolve and morph. Palace.MIXX is a unique and eclectic selection of queer, experimental film and digital media exploring these ideas of connection and self image.

Mothership: Dickon Bevan, Germany, 4 mins , 2018

A body, having been absorbed with light, undergoes a process of transformation passing through a series of states and examinations.

Jelly Sandwich: Luis Marciliano, USA, 2017, 4 mins

Closing the sandwich and taking a bite. Taking a bite. Taking a a bite against secrets. Swallowing it with the discomfort that causes for other people.

Leg, Arm, Head : Scout Stuart, United kingdom, 2016, 11 mins

A highly controlled dancer moves away from the uniformity and discipline of ballet to explore her own identity

In Deiner Haut: Daniel Hulle, Germany, 2016, 28 mins

In a dystopian future world of surveillance and work, Max isn’t the successful type. To compensate for his isolation, he programmed his very own virtual world, a campy safe haven

Experiments in Light: Jane Castrillon, Canada, 2016, 3 mins

This 16mm short explores light as a meditative state while encouraging the viewer to take a moment to be present within themselves

Impenetrable as Night: Benjamin Rosenthal, USA, 2016 8 mins

Covert mountain-like structures in the fjord reveal themselves to be hybrids of bunker and landscape, and metaphors for the closet

Our Skin: Joao Queiroga, United States 2016, 16 mins

When a sexy chat becomes an intense exchange on race, politics and war, two strangers find out how much they can accept in each other and in themselves

Coming Out: Vijay Patel United Kingdom, 2016 2 mins

This experimental short explores homophobia within the British Indian community from a personal and autobiographical perspective

Happy Valentines Day: Nicky Miller, Germany, 3 mins

Eric recieves a present from Tristan for his Valentine Days!

Urban Sprawl: Kester Urwin, United Kingdom, 2018, 2 mins

A short time lapse of film exploring the pace of modern life and light within the city

Simple Worlds: Jake Lukas, United Kingdom, 2018, 2 mins

An exploration into alien worlds through simple techniques

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Event photos for Palace.MIXX - #PalaceFilmFest - Short Film Gala:

Palace.MIXX - #PalaceFilmFest - Short Film Gala at The Cube
Palace.MIXX - #PalaceFilmFest - Short Film Gala in Bristol 2019

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