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Saturday 16th February 2019

RADMIN Professional Development Bonanza!

— The Cube
Part of RADMIN - a festival of administration
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A bountiful range of events including a Trade Show + Radio Show + Drawing Exchange + Art Sale + Raffle.

Saturday's RADMIN is open to all kinds of collaborative reciprocations. What and how do we value? Artists and facilitators guide sessions in which monetary experiments, products/services and organisational portraiture take centre stage.

1200-1500 TRADE SHOW 03 (Centre for Plausible Economies and Feral Trade) - 20 RADMIN delegates will be trading at this show. ‘Trade Show’ is a group exhibition where artists claim and reclaim trade as a cultural and political realm by producing their own shops, swaps, stalls, deals, value chains, exchange centres and distribution systems. In ‘Trade Show’ art and trade exist as universal activities deeply embedded in almost everything we do. ‘Trade Show’ started in 2013 as a collaborative effort to reclaim trade as a foremost cultural realm, where we set our relationships with others, including mother earth. www.trade-show.info

1230-1430 Radio/Teahouse (3 Stages of Succession) - The Radio/Teahouse is a social space, broadcast live on the Internet. We have some tea while snacking, dj’ing music, interviewing, improvising all sorts of criminalities and talking about issues that come up in our informal and accidental conversation.

1100-1300 This is What Adminstration Looks Like (Drawing Exchange and Cube Drawing Club) - A social drawing drift along Stokes Croft to observe daily life administration monuments; like the worn ATM, tattooed pillar box, and the admin drenched facades and spaces. Time to draw attention to the relics and the future possible of everyday admin. Ending at the Cube in a show of works for exchanging and bartering. All identified and unidentified drawers welcome. Dress warm, bring drawing tools.

1530-1630 Art Sale (Different Space) - Money as the last administrative taboo. This session invites you to witness a live process of selling and buying an artwork. We will slow the process down, bringing awareness and self-reflection to each step. We will consider new ways of thinking about money, emotion, value and exchange helping you develop your relationship to this everyday taboo.

1645 Business Experiment Raffle draw


RADMIN - What can artists do for business?

At a time where the legitimacy of 'business as usual' has been called spectacularly into doubt, new thinking and practice around how we do business is urgently sought. Open to individuals and collectives, artists, producers, administrators and creative organisations, we will gather at RADMIN, Britain's first Festival of Administration, to erase, ghost-write and re-file, over three days of receptions, discussions, dinners, provocations and office parties.

RADMIN is a summit in which we will reconsider the 'dull' spaces of administration, managing, trading and maintenance, not as a set of largely hostile impediments which invade or co-opt arts practice but as sites for critical and creative enquiry, radical histories, experiments, politics, wild imaginaries and meaningful work.


With: 3 Stages of Succession, The Ad Hoc Collective, Bristol Co-operative Gym, Centre for Plausible Economies, Common Wallet, Company Drinks, Cube Cinema, CUPS (Creative University Professional Services), Different Space, Drawing Exchange, Feral Trade, FoAM, The Incidental Unit, Institute for Experiments with Business, IRATIONAL.ORG, Legal Eagles, Polar Produce, Port O' Bristol, Plumbmaid, Richard Youngs, The School for Organizing, Trade Show, UWE Business School, The Viriconium Palace AND OTHERS.

The festival runs over three days and nights, with a festival ticket that provides access to all the events and some indvivdual tickets for Friday night's Office Party and Saturday's RADMIN activities.