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Saturday 23rd October 2021


— The Cube
'tis an ill wind that blows no minds
price: entry is free


CUBE IS 23 and we'd like to share some of our thingies


"tis an ill wind that blows no minds"

1805: Irish hydographer Franic Beaufort creates a standardised wind force scale of 13 classes by relating wind conditions to their effects on the sails of a frigate.
1916: with ships now powered by steam, the scale's descriptions are changed to describe the behaviour of the sea and conditions on land.
2021: The Wind Machine forms in order to finally realise the innate conceptual musical possibilities of the scale.

The Wind Machine (composed of members of the Cube Orchestra, its affiliates, and affiliates of its affiliates) has put together a very special windy show especially for the Cube's 23rd birthday. Expect to hear a full ship's crew of wind instruments, from the light wind of an ocarina to the gust of a harmonium, as we follow Beaufort up the scale from calm to hurricane.


20th Century Flicks presents Project Utah – a shot-for-shot Bristolean refix of legendary surf heist Point Break!

It’s 30 years since everyone’s favourite surfing heist movie hit UK cinemas and 5 years since Bristol created a collaborative no-budget tribute to it! The monster they produced goes by the name Project Utah, and it will be shown in all its glory on the big screen. Made by a heady cocktail of no-to-low skill filmmakers and seasoned professionals, it's a feature length homage to Point Break. Featuring plenty of familiar faces, toys and real life Cube heroes!

Artist Videos:

Cube Orchestra - Carve Your Own Path