Shorts Evening II at The Cube
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A event held at The Cube on Saturday 9th December. The event starts at 20:30.

Bristol Palestine Film Festival presents:

Our second evening of short films features stories from the complexity of Palestinian youth, from escaping a war-torn childhood in Gaza to unwanted pregnancy, or rock climbing near Israeli settlements.

Saturday 9th December
8:30 - 9:55pm
The Cube, Dove St S, Avon, Bristol BS2 8JD
£8.50 (£5 concessions)

A breakdown on the way to the airport provides a father and son with an opportunity to reconnect.

Film details: Director: Saleh Saadi | Genre: Drama | Year: 2020 | Location: Palestine | Duration: 15 mins | Language: Arabic

The girls of Champ Camp are typical teenagers — eager to challenge the old ways and looking to make their mark. Adla, Rahmeeh and We'am are Palestinians growing up in Jordan’s Al-Baqa’a refugee camp, and, lifting as much as 100 pounds they are aiming for an Olympic medal.

Film details: Directors: Edward Knowles, Timo Bruun | Genre: Documentary | Year: 2023 | Location: Jordan | Duration: 31 mins | Language: Arabic

When Nadine hears about her best friend’s fear of an unwanted pregnancy, she takes the lead of the rescue. Together they embark on a frustrating, confidential and sometimes comical journey of getting a pregnancy test, while their conservative reality turns this simple act into a risky one.

Film details: Director: Samar Qupty | Genre: Drama | Year: 2022 | Location: Palestine | Duration: 20 mins | Language: Arabic

During the First Intifada, Atef is chased by the Israeli army and finds himself trapped in the entrance of a house. The owner, an old lady, hides him in her bath. Atef is surprised that there is another person inside, who helps him avoid being arrested.

Film details: Director: Bilal Al Khatib | Genre: Drama/Comedy | Year: 2022 | Location: Palestine | Duration: 13 mins | Language: Arabic

In the strife-torn hills of Palestine, a diverse crew of Bedouins, activists and urban professionals embraces climbing as a much-needed respite from the burdens of the Israeli occupation. American writer and climber Andrew Bisharat visits the West Bank to explore his own roots and the power of climbing to transform lives.

Film details: Directors: Nick Rosen, Zachary Barr | Genre: Documentary | Year: 2022 | Location: Palestine | Duration: 37 mins | Language: Arabic, English

At all events we will be selling festival merch, artwork and unique products designed by talented Palestinian creatives. This year all profits will go to Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP). In addition all donations received by BristolPFF, through HeadFirst or at screenings, will be passed directly to MAP.

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