My Dog Sighs - We Shelter Here, Sometimes at The Cube
Headfirst Editor's Pick

"Sell out warning! File next to Exit Through the Gift shop on the shelves of must-see street art cinema. We Shelter Here follows My Dog Sighs’ seemingly doomed creation of a dreamlike utopian junkworld in a derelict Portsmouth casino. It’s a surreal tale of Fitzcarraldian endeavour and vast, staring eyes that look right through you."

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A event held at The Cube on Thursday 11th July. The event starts at 19:30.

In this up close and personal documentary film, we follow the internationally acclaimed British street artist known only under the moniker ‘My Dog Sighs’ as he takes on his most ambitious project ever - ‘Inside’ - a vast immersive installation.

With an initial objective to spend six months and a tiny budget to create it, his plans are put in peril by Covid lockdowns, break-ins, a cash crisis, and even a fire, as he battles to transform a treacherous derelict building.

Moving into sculpture for the first time, his goal is to create a utopian society of Quiet Little Voices, each representing a different aspect of the human condition, amongst the decay of a vast abandoned ballroom.

But will he even be able to open the doors to the public? Will anyone discover the beauty of this forgotten space, and experience the power of creativity to inspire and uplift communities?

Can My Dog Sighs overcome all the relentless challenges and fulfil his career-defining vision?”