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Thursday 17th February 2022

Otis Jordan/ Samandtheplants/ Molly Linen

— The Cube
Cut and paste mixtape of fractured folk and field recordings,
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“Fractal dream-folk fit for Graham Dunning on a Sunday - a They Them label treat with DIY inventions, lo-fi tape samples and emotive songwriting.”
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Otis Jordan: A cut and paste mixtape of fractured folk, sci sounds and jazz, at times sounding like a long-lost archival recording of primitive tribal dance music. Instruments are plucked, strung, hammered, and bowed into webs of rhythms and resonance. With a penchant for delightfully disorientating the listener into deceptive, audio wormholes, Jordan thrives on crafty found-sound experimentation. For the gig he will be joined by Samandtheplants and DBH.

(Them There)

Samandtheplants: Homespun harmonium songs from the valleys of West Yorkshire. Sam’s music entwines fractured folk songs with and a wide range of homemade mechanical music machines ranging from zygotic zithers to 10 second tape loops, lutes and flutes. He is returning to The Cube 10 years after a gig with Broadcast.

‘Imagine Delia Derbyshire in deepest Lancashire recording a Nepalese Incredible String Band with members of Os Mutantes and Faust keeping the generator warm and the kitchen operating in audible proximity.’ Andy Votel

(Them There, Twisted Nerve, Folklore Tapes)

Molly Linen:

Molly Linen is a Shropshire-born, Somerset-based songwriter and guitarist. Her beguiling voice is both emotive yet serene recalling the dulcet whispered tones of Cat Power, layered upon melodic guitar lines which draw influence from artist such as Devon Sproule and Nick Drake.

Artist Audio:

Otis Jordan
Molly Linen

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