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Thursday 26th May 2022

Mayfest Shorts

— The Cube
An evening dedicated to celebrating some of the beautiful new adventures that performance-makers have taken into film-making.
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Mayfest Shorts

Tom Brennan – A Woman Walks into a Bank
Ant Lightfoot – mum(me)
Tobi Poster-Su – Chang and Eng and Me (and Me)
Madeline Shann – The Spring
Luke Jerram – Land of Hope and Glory
Paul Blakemore & Martin Bonger – This Crossing
Still House – In The Letting Go
Caroline Williams – A Love Letter to Penelope Cruizer
Verity Standen – Where Do You Hide
Lailla Diallo – 1:1
Jo Bannon – Feeling Thing

During this year’s Mayfest we are dedicating an evening to celebrating some of the beautiful new adventures that Bristol-based performance-makers have taken into film-making since the advent of the pandemic. We know that for some this has happened out of necessity, some through curiosity, for some a way to make sense of a silence and for some it marks the beginnings of a different way of creating and sharing with new audiences.

Running time: 90 mins

Screening Schedule
Thursday 26 May, 8pm

Accessibility Information
We regret that The Cube is not wheelchair accessible but the films will be available to watch remotely.

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