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Thursday 3rd February 2022

Liquid Library Presents: Mystery Vortex

— The Cube
A night of improvised music, where even the bands are unplanned.
price: Headfirst Tickets


We've got a bunch of great musicians, noisemakers and freaks from the Bristol new-music underground, who will be drawing lots on the night to decide who is playing with whom. Sure to be a psychedelic car-crash and a glorious mess.

Full roster for Mystery Vortex has been confirmed:

Tina Hitchens (Harpoon, Tisla)
Rebecca Sneddon (Yoke, Free Nelson Mandoomjazz)
Joe Kelly (Wendy Misma, Spunking Octochoke)
Annie Gardiner (MARCY, Olanza)
Simon Mawsom (Traumkl, Action Beat)
D-M Withers (Bellies!, Fingertight)
Dan Johnson (EP/64)
Owen Chambers (Carnivorous Plants)
Charlie Miles (Zero Gravity Tea Ceremony)
Louie Newlands
Tony Gordon
Tara Baggott

All ensembles will be completely random and decided immediately before the performance.