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Thursday 30th June 2022

Jack Goldstein; Wendy Miasma; Mopi Dykk

— The Cube
Liquid Library in the cube with some gay-ass synths
price: Headfirst Tickets


Liquid Library is opening a portal at Bristol's favourite shape/arts cinema. We are bringing you three flavours of fortean, nth dimensional pop music.

Jack Goldstein
Jack Goldstein makes heartfelt, high-carb, emo hyperpop. Re-creating the dazzling and decaying ballrooms of a past not experienced with nothing but an ipod full of ghosts and a taste for the spotlight. Come experience cuts from his new solo album "The World Is Ending And I Love You".

Wendy Miasma
Aquatic trans-dimensional sorceress using their arcane powers to manifest as a three piece band. Songs about kelp, chard and horsebenches

Mopi Dykk
Mopi Dykk as in dong is ready to melt your brainsickles. Don't miss this sad stropster, plus he's fixing to show his true identity and pushing some keys. Come for the mystery stay for the Mopi D.

No Terfs. No Tories
No one turned away for lack of funds

Artist Videos:

Jack Goldstein - Beckon Call
Wendy Miasma - w8ing 4 the day 2 end [OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO]