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Bristol Folk House Events & Tickets

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Adult education centre on Park Street.

About Bristol Folk House in Bristol

Through a doorway on Parkstreet, down a narrow corridor and across a sunny (sudject to weather) courtyard, the unexpectedly large building of the Bristol Folk House has stood since 1963, and is still being discoverd in its bs1 hiding place by life long Bristol dwellers to this day. It's an adult education centre, venue, meeting space and cafe, providing courses in arts and crafts, creative writing, languages and more.

As a venue the BFH has been long famous for live music in Bristol. Running a weekend program of music featuring Folk, acoustic, roots, Americana and music of all flavours with both local, national and international acts. As an adult education centre,the BFH provides variety of part-time day and evening courses and workshops for over 18's.The Folk House is a welcoming environment in which to explore your creativity and learn new skills.

Our recent recommendations

The hottest thing in folk since folk records began (sometime in 1066 I think); Flook combine energetic virtuosity with a studied knowledge of the Anglo-Irish instrumentalist tradition. More than twenty five years after their first gig together, Flook continue to inspire and enchant audiences of all ages.
Real deal Irish folk exactly as you’d want it - full of charm, honesty, intricate trad. musicianship and tales of the Emerald Isles. Winner of two BBC Folk Awards 2017: The Horizon Award for best newcomer and Best Traditional Track

Bristol Folk House Tickets

Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith at Bristol Folk House in Bristol
Friday 16th September 2022
Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith tickets
The duo’s live performances are a celebration of traditional music but there is also a deep integrity and sincerity
Kathryn Joseph at Bristol Folk House in Bristol
Friday 7th October 2022
Kathryn Joseph
Scottish songwriter Kathryn Joseph conveys a burning emotive potency through minimal arrangements.
Leveret at Bristol Folk House in Bristol
Friday 14th October 2022
A collaboration between three of the finest English folk musicians.
HANNAH SANDERS & BEN SAVAGE at Bristol Folk House in Bristol
Saturday 15th October 2022
Hannah Sanders & Ben savage at the Bristol Folk House
Daoirí Farrell at Bristol Folk House in Bristol
Saturday 22nd October 2022
Daoirí Farrell tickets
Farrell has been described by some of the biggest names in Irish folk music as one of most important singers to come out of Ireland.
Baskery at Bristol Folk House in Bristol
Friday 11th November 2022
Baskery @ the Bristol Folk House
Christina Alden and Alex Patterson at Bristol Folk House in Bristol
Sunday 13th November 2022
Christina Alden and Alex Patterson
Christina Alden & Alex Patterson @ Bristol Folk House
Thea Gilmore at Bristol Folk House in Bristol
Sunday 20th November 2022
Thea Gilmore
Thea Gilmore @ the Bristol Folk House
Martin Stephenson at Bristol Folk House in Bristol
Sunday 27th November 2022
Martin Stephenson
Martin Stephenson @ Bristol Folk House
Sierra Hull at Bristol Folk House in Bristol
Sunday 4th December 2022
Sierra Hull
Sierra Hull @ the Bristol Folk House

Venue Details:

40a Park Street
0117 926 2987
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