Mud Photography Workshop at Bristol Folk House
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A event held at Bristol Folk House on Tomorrow. The event starts at 10:00.

Learn how to make your own developer using wood ash and coffee grounds to create unique and textured prints in the darkroom. No previous darkroom experience necessary. In the first half of the session we will look at the inventor of the Muddy developer, Andres Pardo AKA General Treegan, make the mud to use for the rest of the session and discuss sustainable darkroom practices, after which we will make some prints in the light. We will experiment with dropping the mud from a height and throwing it at the paper, so old clothes and aprons are essential for this workshop.

After the hour break for lunch we will then go to the darkroom enlargers and experiment with making darkroom prints with our developer. Each participant will be able to take their homemade developer home with them after the session, and will be shown how to neutralise this to put on to their compost heap after use.

This workshop is in the darkroom, it is very much a standing workshop and in a small space.

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