Roundhand Calligraphy at Bristol Folk House
Full fee: £64.00 | Over 65s: £57.60 | Benefit: £51.20

A event held at Bristol Folk House on Tomorrow. The event starts at 10:00.

Learn the art of beautiful writing at this 1-day workshop. Calligraphy is an art form which has been enjoyed for centuries. It is a very relaxing form of craft as well as providing an opportunity to produce work which everyone can enjoy.
Calligraphy can be used for poetry, stationery, art, design and even furniture. At this Saturday workshop we will study and practice Roundhand, a basic Roman style which is suitable for beginners and also those with some experience. There will be a demonstration of lower case letters, capitals and numbers, a talk on the uses of calligraphy in the 21st century and lots of time to practice.

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