Intuitive Eating - Make Peace with Food at Bristol Folk House
Full fee: £54.00 | Over 65s: £48.60 | Benefit: £43.20

A event held at Bristol Folk House on Saturday 25th November. The event starts at 10:00.

Do you struggle with diets? Would you like to end the daily battle and make peace with food, your weight and your body - and rediscover your natural pleasure in eating?

This is for you if you:

- Are a yo-yo dieter

- Struggle with overeating, comfort eating or emotional eating

- Feel you have an addiction to sugar, takeaway food or other food cravings

- Constantly find half your mind taken up with calorie counting

In this workshop you will learn about the key things that are driving your discomfort and causing your food stress. You will understand that you are not lacking willpower or self-control, but discover instead how to stop falling victim to urges and cravings and reconnect with your natural instincts for eating healthily and with pleasure.

Find out how you really can have your cake and eat it.

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