Soften, Soothe, Allow - Whole Body Wellbeing at Bristol Folk House
Full fee: £32.00 | Over 65s: £28.80 | Benefit: £25.60

A event held at Bristol Folk House on Saturday 25th November. The event starts at 10:00.

This workshop will combine mindful movement (yoga based poses) with some mindfulness based techniques to explore and connect what is going on in the mind with that of the body. We will learn how to pause and feel into the body and then base our movement on what is showing up. In this way we learn to listen to the body and work with it. Therefore, supporting us to soften, soothe and allow. In this way we learn how to follow the breath, flow with that wavelike movement in a holistic and joined up manner. We are then able to move more softly, mindfully, and kind-fully taking care of our mind, body and heart.

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