Dolls, Trolls and Iron Feet at Bristol Folk House
Tickets £10 (concessions) / £12 (general)

A event held at Bristol Folk House on Thursday 23rd November. The event starts at 20:00.

Storytellers Hannah Moore, Lu Orza and Mica Sinclair collaborate to weave music, song and story to journey with the third wild daughters of three traditional tales: Valemon the White Bear King, Finist the Bright Falcon, and Vasilisa the Beautiful.

In this 2-hour show, listeners travel the paths of Eyra, Mariyushka and Vasilisa - timeless stories of fierce heroines who set out to obtain their deepest need on journeys strewn with fierce foes, monsters, unexpected helpers, impossible tasks, fire and flight, endurance, gifts and the terror of the deep dark woods.

Each story is woven in and out of the others with music and song. The parallels, contrasts, wild imagery and poignancy of the stories are shared by the storytellers who pick up the threads of each tale and weave them into their own so that the themes speak to the power of the others.

Join us to travel with the wild third daughters of these stories as they follow their hearts and journey into unknown realms to find love and light, running with the white bear king, questing for Finist beyond the thrice-ninth kingdom and facing trial by fire in the chicken-footed hut of Baba Yaga … and make their way back home.

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