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"Free entry French Americana with a proper good backstory too! Ryder's supposedly holed up in Mexico City exorcising his roadtrip demons from a beat up Chevy via fractured synth pop songs (with a country n western lilt)."

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A gig held at The Lanes on Saturday 1st June. The event starts at 22:00.

RYDER THE EAGLE • www.instagram.com/inlovingmemoryofryder
ENJOYABLE LISTENS • www.instagram.com/enjoyablelistens
OLIVER MARSON • www.instagram.com/oliver.marson
"My name is Ryder The Eagle, and I don’t know who I am.
I’m a dirty crooner, restless biker, and a dedicated lover.
I sing from a wide open heart, trying to let the “real me” leak out from my chest like gasoline from a wrecked rusty tank. But who is that real me? Some say it’s a long road to find out who you are, I say that long road of theirs is endless.
We’ll never stop seeking, never stop driving, and as fast as we can ride, we’ll never get there. What matters is to keep rolling. Keep rolling. Never stop.
I’m Ryder The Eagle, and I don’t know who I am. But I’ll keep singing. I’ll keep singing. I’ll never stop."
18+ event.
Presented by Gravy Train & BLG.
Gravy Train events • www.gravytrainbristol.co.uk
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