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Tuesday 12th July 2022


— The Lanes
Free show, presented by Gravy Train & BLG Promotions.
price: Headfirst Tickets


“FREE ENTRY: spaghetti western shootout desert psych from another dimension with lap steel, tenor sax and soaring Jefferson Airplane-esque vocal Americana. Drink deep this heady kool-aid mix of: The Desert Sessions, Big Brave x The Body, Gun Club, Ennio Morricone.”
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18+ event.
As more than one music journalist has pointed out, there’s a pretty dizzying array of musical touchstones on display in Abronia’s music. Byron Coley said, “these freakishly disparate elements manage to create a gorgeous and simmering whole.” Abronia has established itself as a very singular entity in the broader psych rock universe.

They released their first album, Obsidian Visions/Shadowed Lands in 2017 on Water Wing Records. Their second, The Whole of Each Eye, was a split release between the labels Cardinal Fuzz (UK) and Feeding Tube (US) and came out in late 2019.

"When you listen to these songs, you can easily imagine them being the score for grand Jodorowsky desert scenes or a Sergio Leone-fronted Mad Max film...No matter your taste, you have never heard anything exactly like Abronia’s The Whole of Each Eye, which is exactly why you should pick it up."

"There’s something about the scorched earth psych of it that reminds me of a rattlesnake in the burning sun, determined and dangerous. With a primal and ritualistic rhythm opening about half way though, the mysticism continues its bloom from there as the sax squeals and the band congeal together into one strange trip before the crushing final moments."

"Anyone who’s caught Portland six-piece Abronia in a live setting can attest to the mysticism prevalent in the band’s tribal oeuvre....the group harnesses ethereal psych flourishes and fluid atmospherics into their musical sensibilities, offering a potent aural wormhole that often leads to trippy results."

"Album opener “The Great Divide” opens the gates with fume and fury, pure free fireball skronk jazz, like Sun Ra‘s Arkestra gathering in the Sahara, summoning the djinn, the lightning, sandstorms, and howling winds, with furious blats of what sounds like tenor sax."

Artist Videos:

Abronia - The Whole of Each Eye (Full Album 2019)
Abronia - Half Hail (Official Video)
Glass Butte Retribution by Abronia
Abronia at Bunk Bar 5, 19, 2018 -Full Set

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