PLANTOID at The Lanes
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A gig held at The Lanes on Wednesday 11th September. The event starts at 20:00.

Musically, Plantoid’s cauldron harnesses multiple subgenres at once to concoct a sort of primordial soup, the molecules of which are built as much from progressive rock as they are jazz, fusion, folk, and even a bit of ‘70s hard rock for good measure. The band began as the brainchild of Chloe and Tom Coyne, who met while pursuing music courses at Lincoln College in their teens. Quickly united by a passion for eclectic psychedelic rock, and far-out, emotionally charged songwriting, they formed the band Mangö and started gigging around town with drummer Louis Bradshaw, who Tom had been friends with since secondary school.

After making a name for themselves locally, the three relocated to Brighton and recruited bassist Bernardo Larisch. Now a four-piece, and renamed Plantoid, the band were ready to dig even deeper into their shared influences, ranging from Miles Davis to Todd Rundgren, to Jeff Buckley, all the way around to the more acute experimental fare that gives Plantoid their razor-sharp edge. 
18+ event.
Presented by Gravy Train & BLG.
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