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Wednesday 8th June 2022


— The Lanes
Presented by Gravy Train & BLG Promotions.
price: Headfirst Tickets


18+ event.
On the surface, TV Girl is a sunny, throwback splash of ‘60s French pop and southern California soul. Yet, under that shiny veneer lays a dark heart, beating with sharp wit and cynical alienation, and the music is all the more alluring for it. TV Girl, composed of Brad Petering, Jason Wyman, and Wyatt Harmon, was formed in 2010 by Petering as an outlet to blend the love of Spector-esque girl-group pop with an emerging interest in hip-hop.

In 2014, TV Girl unveiled their first full-length, the critically acclaimed French Exit. The album keeps true to the TV Girl charm with a bevy of electronic samplings infused throughout light and airy guitars, whirring organs, and ethereal vocals. However, this record is not all summer nostalgia, and there are plenty of times where French Exit reads like disaffected fiction. The moody characters in these songs are fueled by revenge as often as love, underpinned by desperation and a deep yearning to connect. The band takes self-identity and ponders it alongside themes of sexuality, isolation, and social status. To date they’ve released three albums, including French Exit, Who Really Cares, and Death of a Party Girl.

Artist Videos:

TV Girl - Lovers Rock
TV Girl - Taking What's Not Yours
TV Girl - Lovers Rock
TV Girl - Birds Don't Sing
Cigarettes out the Window
Not Allowed

Artist Audio:

TV Girl

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