Thorny Pre-Pride Party at The Louisiana
Headfirst Editor's Pick

"This is not a drill: Thorny is back with another irregular offering from the fringes of performance art. With Swansea’s finest goblincore bard Buoys Buoys Buoys, freakazoid anti-folk five-piece punk collective The Freakshow, T4T’s George Avill in experimental noise performance meltdown + tender singer-songwriter torch songs from Thorny’s very own Órla Bligh. "

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A gig held at The Louisiana on Today. The event starts at 20:00.

We're back with a lineup of beautiful creatures on the eve of Bristol Pride Day. Come and celebrate our return and experience some boundary-pushing art!

Dust off your codpiece and get ready for an absurdist folklore journey with proclaimed rabble-rouser BUOYS BUOYS BUOYS. With nothing but a bugle and a dream, Buoys Buoys Buoys is on a mission to connect communities through Celtic storytelling and public play, delving into themes of Queer masculinity, contemporary ritual magic, and working class Welsh folk culture. Since 2022 they have performed and produced their storytelling ceremonies and live art events nationally, working with Soho Theatre, Spike Island Gallery, Theatr y Sherman, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, ArtHouse Jersey, RWA, and Bristol Museum.

FREAKSHOW are an eclectic queer musical band. Prepare for folky pop punk chaos from the up-and-coming band of university friends. Their strong collectivist spirit overflows into the audience who sway to their tunes as one of their girlies. “If St. Trinians had a band, it would probably look a bit like this.”

GEORGE AVILL is a multidiscaplinary artist who has previously utilised the medium of performance art and installation to have self-reflective dialogues on the domestic safety of trans people. Recently, however, they have largely focussed on the platforming of other trans+ people's experiences by centering them in their practice. This includes producing community events, taking portrait photography and larger scale projects such as creating a collection of clothes and sculptural pieces made after interviewing a selection of trans+ volunteers on what 'gender euphoria' means to them. They are returning to performance art with us at Thorny in collaboration with experimental noise artist 'Lucia Della-Savina' to explore an earnest and personal reflection of the psychological limitations of gender presentation on the abstract idea of attraction.

ORLA BLIGH is a singer/songwriter. From queer club promoter to solo artist, her debut project documents her journey finding herself through love, community and self-acceptance. Her first single "Towers" was written during the pandemic and records her experiences of isolation and oppression under the systems she found herself in at the time. Its hook speaks of a feeling of powerlessness, but within the acceptance of that feeling lies a lot of power. After spending several years building within her community and platforming artists from across the world, Órla is blossoming into an accomplished singer/songwriter and is one to watch for the next few years.

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