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Friday 6th December 2019


— The Old England Pub
SNOG: Destroy Xmas (Carmen Monoxide, ALYA L, Bean Pig Puppets, Grove, Miserabel + Mariana Trench)
price: Headfirst Tickets


⋆* *⋆
D̸̛̻̦͆̍̀̏̅E̷͖͍͂̎͂S̴̡͓͉̰͔̯̱̹͆͒́̎̒̾̈́̉̇̀͜ͅT̴̤̝́̒͘R̷͔̒̎͑̏O̵̢̢̙͍̞̞̻̣͕̾́͐͜͠Y̸͕͋̌̓̆͠ͅͅ ̶̭̆͘͘X̷̼̞̖̰̠̱̩͇̞̔͋͗͑̒̾̀̎͆̚M̴̲͖̈͌͗̉Ȁ̴̡̖̠͔͕̼̝͛̃͝Š̵̛̙̬͔̯͛̂͜
D҉E҉S҉T҉R҉O҉Y҉ ҉X҉M҉A҉S҉

tickets: http://hdfst.uk/E59211 !!!!

We're doing a destroy xmas party! Inspired by Rrose Walsh (rrose_the_nodule)'s art. Appropriate xmas, exploit it's aesthetics, made in novelty, solidarity w other cultures !!

Carmen Monoxide
Host of Drag Queen Bingo Bristol and “One time Gucci model’ Carmen Monoxide joins the fun A singer, producer, and actor, she’ll be legging it to The Old E, straight from her run of shows at The Speilman Theatre. Prepare to fall head over high-heels for Carmen!

Ship captain of 1020 Radio's All Work No Play, DeeJay guru @ Intervention, resident of No Future, and Psychotherapy Sessions - PTS. Get ready for dancefloor yuletide heaters as Alya explores all our fave festive genres including r'n'b, dubstep and club-ready carols ☃️❄️

Bean Pig Puppetry
A gaggle of queer, anarchist, puppetry goblins . Challenging the binary of ‘reality and the otherworld’, showing us everything is alive and anything is possible if you can stitch or glue it together Prepare to be a fucking kid!!! ✨✨

Existing in the intersection of hip-hop, club, and being a big gay head, Grove will lure your brain and heart into a sweet but false state of vulnerable comfort with their deftly emotional lyricism, then proceed to scream about loving the sesh and how whack your boyfriend is 1/2 of of BAAST, 1/5th of 5 Mics and will probably get their 2 itty bitty titties out

Clown, poet, performance artist, puppeteer, musician...you name it Miserabel can do it. A shapeshifting, kaleidoscopic talent, Miserabel’s last outing at The Old E saw them lead a Furby burning ceremony and exorcising the demons of past social media accounts. Anything can happen ⚠️ Gather round as Miserabel brings us tales of the Megabus and more with the promise of some live haircut action if you’re lucky❣️

Mariana Trench
Non-binary monarch redifining drag Mariana Trench ♛✨ bringing the antique glamour ️ with a punk edge . A staple of Bristol's drag scene. This queen dazzles with their powerful voice and gives more attitude than most can handle ⚔️‼️. They're here, they're queer, and they wear a large brassiere

There is 1 small step up to gain access to the main entrance and bar room. A portable ramp is available for step free access into the live room, there is level access in the bar room but the garden is up 1 flight of stairs. There are two bathrooms on the ground floor one of which is larger and would be more accessible if you need assistance.

Bathrooms will be gender neutral on the night.

TICKETS available on Headfirst Bristol http://hdfst.uk/E59211
Early Bird £4 (sold out)
General £5.50
Final Release £6.50
£8 tickets will be sold on the door
Donation tix £10 (goes towards low income tickets + general snog projects + contributions to community projects)
Low income £5 (message the page for details)

If anybody is making you feel uncomfortable or you have any concerns speak to any of the snog team, bar staff or performers.

If you're going to come, have respect for the people around you and let them have fun!!!!

Event photos for DESTROY XMAS:

DESTROY XMAS at The Old England Pub
DESTROY XMAS in Bristol 2019

Artist Videos:


Artist Audio:

Carmen Monoxide - Santa Baby - Red
All Work No Play w/ Alya L - 28th September 2019 - 1020 Radio

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