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Thursday 7th July 2022

Iceman Furniss + Brace + Jake Healy&Alfie Grieve

— The Thunderbolt
Camemberts Box introduces an evening of improv
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“Freeform punk jazz from Bristol’s answer to James Chance….Harry Furniss’s squalling cornet has graced everything from industrial (Bad Tracking) to no-wave (Bingo Fury) to improv madness (Domestic Sound Cupboard).”
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An evening of improv jazz and more experimental ism with Iceman Furniss Quintet and Brace working as a quartet this time round.

Over the last few years Iceman Furniss with their flexible, fluid line up of four or five players introducing Bristol audiences to the delights of experimental jazz has been a proper treat. They continue their journey still introducing new players to their fold.
Brace, in quartet format bring a different but just as crucial take on improv jazz. Featuring the excellent Aidan Searle on drums plus interesting players you may have seen in more obvious jazz venues.

New duo Healy and Grieve join us too.

Can't wait to introduce these guys within the hallowed walls of the Thunderbolt.

See you there

Much love Ricardo Camembert

Event photos for Iceman Furniss + Brace + Jake Healy&Alfie Grieve:

Iceman Furniss + Brace + Jake Healy&Alfie Grieve at The Thunderbolt
Iceman Furniss + Brace + Jake Healy&Alfie Grieve in Bristol 2022

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bandcamp - Iceman Furniss

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