The Tobacco Factory

A modern cafe-bar with regular live music.

The Tobacco Factory is a large independent space centred around a modern theatre in Southville. While the theatre and studios are the Tobacco Factory's main focus, considering a Headfirst is a music listings website I will focus on its role as a music venue which predominantly occurs in the Tobacco Factory's Cafe-Bar.

Sunday evenings at the Tobacco Factory offer regular free live music and provide one of the only places to catch the cream of local Bristol jazz and folk musicians on the south side of the river.

The cafe-bar itself is vast, boasting an impressive stage, large bar and lots of seating. Despite its large size and modern industrial fittings, The Tobacco Factory manages to feel warm and welcoming with cozy sofas and clever lighting.

While the free live music nights can attract a crowd, don't expect to find a rowdy dance floor and stacked-up tables! There's an additional bar upstairs for theatre goers preventing the cafe-bar from being mobbed during the intervals.

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