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Saturday 13th August 2022

The Bristol Ball, Part 1

— The Trinity Centre
The Bristol Ballroom Community invites you to Bring It To The Streets
price: From £7 + bf


Take to the streets and pay homage to the vibrant and multi-faceted culture of the streets of Bristol, in all their quirks and history.

Originating in Harlem, New York in the 1920s, Ballroom Culture has since spread across the globe. With its racial inclusivity pioneered by Crystal Labeija, the Ballroom Scene celebrates and prioritises LGBTQIA+ people of colour. Members of Ballroom Scene come together for Balls, where individuals and Houses compete in fashion, beauty, realness, and performance categories for prizes.

Ballroom is a safe(r) space that celebrates and prioritises QTIBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Intersex, Black, Indigenous, People of Colour). Please be mindful and respectful of who the space is for. If you intend to walk the ball please make yourself knowledgeable of the culture and the category you are going to walk beforehand.