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Sunday 23rd January 2022

Story Slam: Relative

— The Wardrobe Theatre
Story Slam is where you can hear people's amazing true stories, told live on stage.
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Our theme in January 2022 is 'Relative'. A theme with a million possible interpretations. Your stories could be about family, friends or connections. Your nuclear family, extended family or found family. ‍‍ Tales of family triumphs or family disasters. New family members and old. Loving relatives or unloving relatives. Family you want or family you wish you didn't have. New friends, old friends or long lost friends. Times you related with someone else, or a time you compared yourself to someone else a bit too much. Stories about reciprocity, kindness and confidence. Or co-dependency, over-reliance and untrustworthiness...

Relative could also prompt stories about comparisons, correlations and science. Stories about time, space and relativity. ️ That moment when time slowed down, or when everything rushed by in a blur. Stories of discovery, news perspectives and a different point of view. Is everything relative? Or are there absolute truths?

Come share your story on the theme of Relative on January 23rd 2022.
Story Slam is where you can hear people's amazing true stories, told live on stage. Come and share your own story, or simply come along and enjoy everyone else's. ❤ Wanna tell a story at one of our events? No need to get in touch, simply arrive on the day and follow instructions to submit your name.


• There will be a limited audience
• The wearing of masks is encouraged throughout the show
• Hand sanitiser will be provided, as well as increased ventilation in the theatre
• There will be enhanced cleaning in the theatre before and after the show.
• Full refunds will be offered if performances are cancelled

Live stories must follow a few simple rules, they must be:
• True
• Told in 5 minutes or less
• Stories. No rants, stand-up routines or monologues. (A story has a beginning, middle and end with some change and/or conflict having occurred)
• Told in first person. You should be a major character in the story.
• Told without notes or props.

In the interest of making the Story Slam a safe and comfortable place to be, storytellers are able to attach content warnings to their stories, to warn of any sensitive topics. Details of how to do this will be explained on the day. Content warnings are read out before each story to give people a chance to leave the room if they so wish.

We work hard at Story Slam to try and create a place where people feel safe and comfortable to share stories. We're continually trying to make our events better places to be, and our aim is to hear stories that we don’t get to hear anywhere else. We want to make Story Slam better than the world around it. So to help us achieve this, we have our own safer spaces policy. http://www.storyslam.co.uk/safer-spaces/

The venue has full step free access to the theatre and the stage. If you have any specialised requirements to attend that we can help with, please get in touch! And if there’s anything else we can do to help make the event more accessible to you, just let us know. ❤

Story Slam has no age limit, however the live and spontaneous nature of the show means that profanity and adult themes are to be expected. Children are welcome if accompanied by an adult, but parental discretion is advised.

Event photos for Story Slam: Relative:

Story Slam: Relative at The Wardrobe Theatre
Story Slam: Relative in Bristol 2022