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Sunday 26th June 2022

Liquid Lunar

— To The Moon
Liquid drum and bass open decks session
price: entry is free


Our monthly liquid dnb chill! Come on down for the perfect end to your weekend, not a big rave up just some good music, good drinks and good vibes.

We run this as an open decks thing so anyone is welcome to come and play for 30-45 mins depending on how many people are involved. It is mega laid back, open to all ages (although over 18 only due to licensing sorry) and abilities.
Lots of people have come and played for the first time in public or got back on the decks for the first time in ages. Everyone is very welcoming and supports each other, so a great way to break out from bedroom DJ to low key public situation, brush up if a bit out of practice or just come and meet some like minded heads!

Tunes in the direction of LIQUID dnb, a fair bit of scope there but nothing too hard/heavy PLEASE! We enjoy all dnb but it will all make sense why this is a liquid thing as it suits the time, vibe etc. Please don't make us issue the yellow card! Haha! Genuinely this isn't an anything goes dnb open decks event, but liquid is a vibe as much as a specific sub genre. You got 25 years of anything from Bukem style 90s progressive chilled jungle, through Commix/AI/Calibre classic 2000s liquid, to modern day stuff and anything in between so dig deep and get the nice soulful chilled vibes going.

We will post on this event page during the week before to see who is up for playing, so just need to comment on there. Around 6 or 7 people is optimum and we will offer it first to people who didn't play last time and see how we go but will always try and fit people in where we can! If you know someone keen who doesn't use facebook they can message on instagram or email info@tothemoon.cc

We have a basic little set up with Pioneer CDJ 350s so might be missing some of the fancier features of higher spec decks but they will recognise rekordbox and it's all just about playing tunes so no need to worry! You will need to bring 2 memory sticks with your tunes on as the 350s aren't linked like later models and your headphones.
One important thing is to make sure your sticks are formatted to FAT32 (an option you can choose when formatting), as although some models will recognise sticks that aren't formatted this way it is necessary for the 350s.

Free drink for every DJ.


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