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A blues gig in Bristol

Bristol's Blues Events

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Bristol's Blues Scene

Blues gigs in Bristol are found in pretty consistent venues with places like The Prom and the Thunderbolt popular live blues spots. Generally blues-rock seems more prominent in Bristol than traditional rhythm and blues bands or delta blues singers, although there is some really interesting stuff out there. Other venues to check for blues include the Cori Tap in Clifton and the Blue Lagoon on Gloucester Rd.

***** It's always worth looking at what's on at the Canteen in Bristol whose listings vary in style but are usually consistently high in quality - some potential blues gems there...

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More Photos of Bristol's Blues Events

A blues band in Bristol 2021
Another Bristol blues gig
Band playing at a blues gig
A blues gig in Bristol
The Forge, Bristol
Jake Xerxes Fussell
Durham, North Carolina's Jake Xerxes Fussell is one of the finest interpreters of old songs around.