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Saturday 27th February 2021

Shits Gettin' Spiritual [COVIDIOTS ONLY]:LIVE SHOW

— A Work-in-progress Online
A satirical dive into YOUR spiritual journey! Meet Klaus Swab-test, Covid Conspiracy Rebels & You Angels in one sitting!
price: Headfirst Tickets


Shits Gettin' Spiritual is a satirical dive into your spiritual journey! You want to be enlightened? Don't forget to look at your shit, many little gems lie within... or are they hemp seeds?

Meet Klaus Swab-test and understand Ze Great Reset in a whole new way, meet Your Angels, Covid-Consipiracy Rebels, the occasional Pleidian, and a healthy dose of Ascended-Beings...

This work in progress showing will be streamed on Zoom. Jody & Deborah will invite feedback at the end of the sharing - Your thoughts and feelings are vital to the development of the piece.

Drawing on Dark-Clown, Fooling, Improv Theatre and their experience of the New Age scene, Deborah and Jody will share a moment of delight & revelry in the mad-new-world we find ourselves in.

About Deborah & Jody:

Jody Deane

Jody is an awakening coach, mindset mentor, energy healer, channel, author, conscious comic, inspirational speaker, and podcast host.

Jody specialises in helping heart-based leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries activate multidimensional magnificence, accelerate awakening and manifest their soul mission. He is also the founder of Step Out Of Time Retreats.

Jody is fascinated by the connection between creativity and consciousness. This has led him on a quest of self-discovery which took him to India and beyond in his early twenties to learn from exceptional teachers, mentors and guides.

Jody obtained a bachelors degree in Creative Arts from Bath Spa University, and has also trained in arts psychotherapy, spiritual coaching, energy healing, rebirthing breathwork, teaching and professional acting.

If you'd like to learn more about comedy, consciousness, creativity, natural health and well-being then checkout Jody's Flow Ninja podcast here, where he interviews extraordinary people and 21st century trailblazers:-https://anchor.fm/flow-ninja---jody-deane/

Jody wrote, produced and performed his debut solo comedy show Happy Zappy Hour! - For Troopers at the Edinburgh Fringe festival 2018. The production, a blend of clowning, storytelling, standup and improv, was a Just The Tonic show at the Caves on Niddry Street.

Deborah Antoinette

Deborah is a storyteller, comic sketch writer-performer & facilitator. For her, stories hold the potential for deep healing, and laughter offers the possibility of irreverently unveiling the absurd ways the world can be. She digs into myths, flys with the magic of fairytale and revels in writing theatre sketches that shake-shit-up.
Her explorations of story and Self extend to the realm of Systematic Constellations - a collective healing practise which focuses on our personal stories and seeks movement where relationships and narratives are stuck.

She is the co-creater of comedy show 'Queen C*nt Sacred or Profane?', movement show 'Raven' and storytells 'Inanna', 'The Bees', 'Owl Woman' and many more.

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Shits Gettin' Spiritual [COVIDIOTS ONLY]:LIVE SHOW at A Work-in-progress Online in Bristol
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