Circus City Presents: Foley by Collective ConTakt at Filwood Community Centre
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A event on Wednesday 10th July. The event starts at 19:00.

Foley explores the highs and lows of togetherness, with exquisite live music, performed by a musician and five acrobats. Foley is full of surprises, touching on themes of vulnerability and trust with light-hearted, playful silliness.
Their tall, human towers and high throws will take your breath away!

What People are saying:
"It was so cool the way they jumped, and the music, it was unique and so exciting, make sure you go to see them"
"It was amazing, it was the best show I have ever seen"


Who are Collective ConTakt?
Collective ConTakt are a circus collective specialising in high level acrobatics and live music.
The group have their roots in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France and the UK, and are touring Foley to outdoor venues across the south-west this summer.


Why is this Coming to Filwood?
Across the summer of 2024, Bristol Circus City are working with Filwood Community Centre to bring brilliant live circus to Filwood. This new programme is a way for us to work outside of our normal festival model and bring the moments of awe and joy to Bristol's communities.
Collective ConTakt are touring the South West as part of Circus Round and About 2 project made possible by Take Art.


Show Details:
Wed 10th July: Filwood Community Centre (Courtyard)
Free Entry
Doors 6.30pm
Show starts: 7pm
Show duration: 55mins

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