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Buffoon Comedy, President Obonjo

— The Bristol Fringe
President Obonjo
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President Obonjo . In the age of Trump, populism and Brexit, the world probably doesn’t need another bloated ego pretending to give easy solutions. Thankfully what we need is a comedy character who skewers them with precision, hilarity and who isn't afraid at showing vulnerability.

Following civil unrest due to the President’s long periods of absence to go and secretly perform stand up comedy in Britain, there was a military coup in the Lafta Republic. The official line is that President Obonjo was tried and executed for his neglect of the Laftarian people with his decapitated head stuffed and mounted in their new government headquarters. However, some say it's a myth and has instead moved to St Albans where he now performs headline spots and festival shows throughout the United Kingdom.

President Obonjo, is an upcoming and increasingly successful stand-up comedian and who has been peforming Comedy for the past 10 years.. As the larger-than-life, uber-confident, self-appointed, side-splitting dictator of 'Lafta Republic', President Obonjo has quietly been leading a comedy revolution to become the first President to take over the comedy industry by storm. He has been creating rumblings by storming New Act competitions including winning Luton Comedian of the Year, Runner-Up at Great Yorkshire Fringe and was a finalist in the Naty New Act of the . His previous solo show President Obonjo Stole My Identity was performed in 2015 at Bath Comedy Festival, Brighton Fringe and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals in 2015 and 2017 to packed crowds and critical acclaim.

President Obonjo took his third Edinburgh Show titled Goodbye Mr President Edinburgh Fringe in 2019 and won the Malcolm Hardee Award

What the press have said:
“It’s a great comic construct, with lots of seized opportunities for playing with the clichés” – Steve
Bennett, Chortle

“There was the potential of that high-status, comedy bomb-proof kind of character that Alexis Dubus has created so successfully with Marcel Lucont.” - Ben Veneables, Londonist
“This hour-long show was a revelation... Not at all what I was expecting.” - John Fleming
“On the face of it, it works as a well-crafted political comedy, exposing how the world has treated Africa and left much of it to suffer corrupt governments led by the likes of Obonjo. But it's the layers of context that really make this a fascinating, bewildering and painfully funny experience.” - ☆☆☆☆☆ Fringe See less

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Buffoon Comedy, President Obonjo at The Bristol Fringe
Buffoon Comedy, President Obonjo in Bristol 2022

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President Obonjo Comedy Store King Gong

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Buffoon Comedy, President Obonjo at The Bristol Fringe in Bristol
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