Carnifølk Presents: Carving's Carnival at The Volunteer Tavern
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A event on Tuesday 17th October. The event starts at 19:00.

From 7pm | The Volunteer Tavern, 9 New St, BS2 9DX | Pay What You Can

This special edition of Carving's Carnival will feature an open mic – so bring along your most creative, entertaining, beautiful, daring, outrageous acts to share with the Carnifølk community! There might be some familiar faces joining you on stage...

Located just beyond the walls of Brycgstowe, now known as Bristol, The Volunteer Tavern, affectionately referred to as "The Volly," is a mystical haven deep within the heart of the forest. In the wake of a stringent crackdown on vagrants, buskers, and non-conformists under the Conservatorium's new financial regime, The Volly has emerged as a sanctuary—a vibrant cultural melting pot where adventurers, magical beings, and outcasts unite.

Thriving on the communal spirit of its diverse inhabitants, The Volly operates on a forbidden currency known as Niblets, mystical coins valued for the loving energy infused into them by their givers. These coins, strictly prohibited by the Conservatorium, have become the lifeblood of this unconventional establishment.

Emerging from the sacred oak with a mission to spread love and joy, Cousin Carving, an ancient being, seeks to reunite his carnival troupe to protest against oppressive forces and create community in the face of adversity. Will you join him on this extraordinary journey?

*About Carnifølk:*
Carnifølk is an immersive theatre company, dedicated to crafting extraordinary experiences that transport audiences to otherworldly realms. With a commitment to inclusivity and innovation, our mission is to foster community and consciousness through the power of creative storytelling.

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