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Is Stokes Croft a drum and bass Mecca?

Drum and bass in Bristol needs no bigger homes than Lakota and Blue Mountain. Both on the same street in Stokes Croft - they’ve continued Bristol’s drum n bass lineage from DJ Krust and Roni Size through to Intrigue Music and the more experimental UVB76 crew. Bristol’s place in the history of drum n bass is assured. Figureheads like DJ Die draw the line between the jungle and drum n bass scenes, jungle is key in Bristol - a city with so much Caribbean heritage, roots reggae’s influence on drum n bass comes through the language of jungle. But with both Lakota and Blue Mountain closing their doors soon to developers, is Bristol in a drum n bass crisis?

Drum and bass in Bristol encapsulates the genre in the wider world. Big venues play host to big acts with nights such as Bedlam, One Nation and Shit the Bed offering International stars including Pendulum, Chase and Status, Andy C and Noisia on a regular basis. In addition to this, alternative venues like the Dojo Lounge, Basement 45 and the Black Swan foster the rarefied sounds of dnb's many sub genres offering the city a unique depth to its plethora of drum and bass music. New years eve in Bristol clubs sees the city's venues rammed to the brim with all of the drum and bass's big players djing somewhere in Bristol.

Agro, Dissident and Mongrel offer dnb of a techy, dark variety while the bastion of the deeper sound, Intrigue, continues to push artists such as Marcus Intalex, Calibre and Fabio. Torque, straddling the line between dark and deep is a drum and bass monthly of significant recognition, hosting label nights and affiliated artists from Club Autonomic to Critical and Shogun Audio.

With drum and bass such a popular genre in Bristol, most clubs present dnb of some description at least once per month. Basement 45 has emerged as a consistent venue, with Torque, Abstraction and Nine Tree all on regular rotation at the club. Dojos plays host to the aforementioned Intrigue while Lab is home to Signal which runs as a bi-monthly event.

Of the larger venues Motion has a throng of events that are less frequent but larger in scale. Although many of these nights are multi-genre affairs, Run and Shit The Bed routinely promote dnb artists as their headline acts.

Lakota is another important dnb venue, housing Concrete Beat, Agro and since September 2010, Bedlam. Hospitality's residency at the Thekla ensures dnb is consistent fixture on the ship, while the rave-ready Black Swan is the spearhead for the harder jungle-tek sounds of the dnb genre.

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Our recent drum and bass recommendations

Tokky Horror / Soz Lad’s hxc rotter Mollie Rush comes through for a particularly filthy edition of Queerky. Expect hard and fast dancefloor face-melters in the jungle / tekno / doomcore / donk continuum + dance-positive crowd and queer-friendly vibes. Queer Exploration of Rave Music

Fixate b2b Samurai Breaks!? Stuttering 160 BPM breaks + swaggerin’ hi-NRG footwork + evil nu-skool rave mutations = a mighty big Thursday FFO: Sully, Mandidextrous, Itoa, Nicky Nair. We welcome Samurai Breaks & Fixate to headline our biggest event to date!

Twisted assemblage of jungletek/breakcore/gabber rotters from the combined neon nightmares of DRM, Korridor Kru and Stomp Project. Get yer crusty free-party allowance of bonkers edits and amen4tekno bruisers with MATT:scratch, Selecta Spinach + more. Jungle/Tekno/DNB

Double dose of dancefloor lava from JoyLift with the loosely Livity-affiliated combo of Toma Kami and local lads Cando. Both serving that serious itch with percussive syncopation science and UKF/amapiano bass slaps for unpredictable wrigglers and future shakers alike. It’s all in the drums baby. Toma Kami's rhythmic techno & house mutations plus Bristol's finest Cando and i-sha, and JoyLift Label heads EM + Stav

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Crowd at a drum and bass night in Bristol 2024

What our editors say

“No other city has had quite the same influence on drum'n'bass and jungle as Bristol. Jungle began igniting dancefloors across Bristol, London and the rest of England in the early 1990s with its gritty mix of deep basslines and rhythms influenced by reggae and hip-hop. Jungle music has come a long way but its roots in rave culture never waiver, we host some of the UKs hottest jungle & hardcore artists who are pushing the scene to new levels and heights.”

“"Immerse yourself in the pulsating rhythms and electrifying energy of a daytime drum and bass rave with FullyGassed where the beats are fierce, the basslines relentless, and the vibes absolutely electric. Get ready to dance under the open sky as the sounds of drum and bass keep you moving from dawn till dusk.”
From: FullyGassed Summer Day Party

“Trifecta Audio is bringing Posk, a rising DJ in the drum and bass scene, to headline the main room at dare2club. Known for his heavy, intricate and dark infused rollers, jumpup and minimal Posk is not one to miss out on. Supported by some of Bristol's best up-and-coming talent in the DnB scene.”
From: Trifecta Audio Presents: Posk

“Bass Camp LDN - Fresh off the back from their HUGE show at the Steel Yard in London, Bass Camp LDN has emerged since the lockdowns bringing a wide range of drum and bass acts to the raves such as The Prototypes, Tantrum Desire, Subsonic, document">Document One, MUZZ, Bensley and many more.”
From: Bass Camp LDN X Anubis Records - GRAFIX & more..

“Amplify has been a renowned name in the jump up scene with a number of award nominations and wins such as Breakthrough Producer 2022, Radio 1 Best Breakthrough DJ as well as his label Gradient records being nominated for the Best Newcomer Label 2023. It's safe to say that Amplify has a well established and decorated career and we can only expect this to get better.”
From: Amplify & Friends - UK Tour

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Wall of Bass: 4am Kru w/ Electrikal Soundsystem at Motion
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Crowd at a drum and bass night in Bristol 2024

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Motion Dare 2 Lakota The Island Lost Horizon Propyard

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DJ and crowd at drum and bass night. A drum and bass night in Bristol
Wide Eyes: Waeys b2b Klinical at Lakota
— Lakota
uk garage drum and bass 140
Wide Eyes: The Sauce at Lakota
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— The Coroner's Court
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Kronic Bass Recordings x Wide Eyes at Lakota
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Royall Sound at The Trinity Centre
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PXSSY PALACE x Shade Cartel at Lost Horizon
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AnExperience ~ A fairly feral fable warm up party at The Trinity Centre
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Dr Meaker at The Trinity Centre
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30 Years of Dread Recordings XXX: Bristol at Central Warehouse
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Cirque Du Soul / The Road To El Dorado / Conducta at The Coroner's Court
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N4: A Guy Called Gerald, Pete Cannon, + guests at Lost Horizon
Critical Sound Bristol //  x Alternate at Central Warehouse
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Worried About Henry x Document: Hybrid Minds at DOCUMENT
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