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A drum and bass night in Bristol

Bristol's Drum & Bass Events

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Bristol's Drum And Bass Scene

Drum and bass in Bristol encapsulates the genre in the wider world. Big venues play host to big acts with nights such as Bedlam, One Nation and Shit the Bed offering International stars including Pendulum, Chase and Status, Andy C and Noisia on a regular basis. In addition to this, alternative venues like the Dojo Lounge, Basement 45 and the Black Swan foster the rarefied sounds of dnb's many sub genres offering the city a unique depth to its plethora of drum and bass music. New years eve in Bristol clubs sees the city's venues rammed to the brim with all of the drum and bass's big players djing somewhere in Bristol.

Agro, Dissident and Mongrel offer dnb of a techy, dark variety while the bastion of the deeper sound, Intrigue, continues to push artists such as Marcus Intalex, Calibre and Fabio. Torque, straddling the line between dark and deep is a drum and bass monthly of significant recognition, hosting label nights and affiliated artists from Club Autonomic to Critical and Shogun Audio.

With drum and bass such a popular genre in Bristol, most clubs present dnb of some description at least once per month. Basement 45 has emerged as a consistent venue, with Torque, Abstraction and Nine Tree all on regular rotation at the club. Dojos plays host to the aforementioned Intrigue while Lab is home to Signal which runs as a bi-monthly event.

Of the larger venues Motion has a throng of events that are less frequent but larger in scale. Although many of these nights are multi-genre affairs, Run and Shit The Bed routinely promote dnb artists as their headline acts.

Lakota is another important dnb venue, housing Concrete Beat, Agro and since September 2010, Bedlam. Hospitality's residency at the Thekla ensures dnb is consistent fixture on the ship, while the rave-ready Black Swan is the spearhead for the harder jungle-tek sounds of the dnb genre.
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More Photos of Bristol's Drum & Bass Events

Crowd at a drum and bass night in Bristol 2016
A drum and bass clubnight in Bristol
DJ and crowd at drum and bass night.
A drum and bass night in Bristol
Sat 30th/07/2016
The Island
Brisfest Soundscape
Brisfest comes to The Island prison cells and old courtrooms!
2gether As One Festival 18hour Bristol &
Sat 6th/08/2016
Blue Mountain
Ice Cream Club Rooftop Terrace Party
Summer day party on Blue Mountain's terrace with a mixed bag of electronic music
Thu 18th/08/2016
Fat Stash Presents
Part2Style / Gardna / Slothman ft Hicksgate / Fat Stash ft Guire
Fri 19th/08/2016
Sat 20th/08/2016
The Black Swan
The Official *Unofficial* Boomtown Blues
The first ever Official *Unofficial* Boomtown Blues party brought to you by -- STOMP! SOUNDS / ANALOG ARMOURY + FRIENDS
Fri 2nd/09/2016
Bristol Craft Beer Festival
Celebrating Bristol in conjunction with Bristol Beer Week bringing together the best of its breweries + many other international offerings
Thu 29th/09/2016
The Fleece
Dub Pistols
Dub Pistols at The Fleece
Fri 30th/09/2016
Blue Mountain
Contraband Circus
Buffo's Wake / The 3 infidels / Ed Cox / Osh Kosh B2B Dub-Liner
Electric Swing Circus
Electric Swing Circus + Imprints
Fri 7th/10/2016
Sat 5th/11/2016
HighRise Bristol ft Calibre, Top Cat, Ab
HighRise returns to Bristol for a huge bonfire night session.