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A metal gig in Bristol

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Bristol's Metal Scene

The wealth of metal events in Bristol is drawn from a rich metal heritage in the city, classic local bands include: Onslaught, Gonga, Jaguar and Evita. A lot of the best events are in underground pubs like the Gryphon and Mother's Ruin where you can hear big riffs and roared vocals most nights of the week - with strong support from the metal scene elsewhere in the West of England.

As well as older cover-style bands at German boozer Bierkeller, you can see larger international acts at Bristol's bigger venues like O2 Academy and Colston Hall. The city's Old Market area is full of old biker-gang hangouts like the Packhorse - with various shops selling metal memorabilia and records - perfect for the morning after a big gig.

Our recent metal recommendations

After their feature spot on the cult Doomed and Stoned in Wales comp, ASIDHARA trudge over the bridge from Cardiff wielding their own brand of metallic hardcore crossover / thrash ugliness. FFO: Amebix, Toxic Holocaust, Power Trip. ASIDHARA plus supports at Crofters Rights.
Calling all cyberpunks! Dark synthwave-fuelled RPG action at The Crypt featuring neon-lit electronica and synth metal from warlocks of the genre Dan Terminus, Lebrock and more. Space Jams/ SCC: Tales From The Crypt 2 at The Loco Klub.
Ambarchi’s stylistic shapeshifting processed guitar has touched everything from electroacoustic ambient to drone metal to free jazz via collaborators as diverse as Ricardo Villalobos, Merzbow and Jim O’Rourke. Thee all-knowing journeyman will massage your ears into infinity from the edges of time. Strange Brew pres: Oren Ambarchi, Ashley Paul LIVE at Strange Brew.
SELL OUT WARNING: Unmissable Indonesian spiritual folk-metal played on DIY instruments by two musicians (but it sounds like a whole army of demons). Imagine Sunn O)))) soundtracking Holy Mountain and you’re not even close. Support from ATC’s medieval midi-grind wunderkid, Sophrosyne. Senyawa, Sophrosyne & Laughter of Saints at Dareshack.

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Liturgy is the project of Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, whose yearning, energetic “transcendental black metal” exists in the space between metal, art music and sacred ritual.
Mean Stack Promo present a Saturday night of hardcore noise rock with MADE OF TEETH at Zed Alley (Host Street, BS1 5AE, close to The Gryphon), 1st October 2022. Support from: Icantdie (heavy alternative rock) Throwing Knives (metallic punk) Scrape (alternative metal) Nelson St (hardcore punk) Shoegaze rock from who are the monsters added to this mixed bill!
18+ event. DUMA (SUB POP) Martin Khanja (aka Lord Spike Heart) and Sam Karugu emerge from Nairobi’s flourishing underground metal scene as former members of the bands Lust of a Dying Breed and Seeds of Datura. Together in 2019 they formed Duma (Darkness in kikuyu) with Sam abandoning bass for production and guitars and Lord Spike Heart providing extreme vocals to the project.
Their unique sound fuses the frenetic euphoria, unrelenting physicality and rebellious attitude of hardcore punk and trash metal with bone-crunching breakcore and raw, nihilist industrial noise through a claustrophobic vortex of visceral screams.
Duma has a new 7″ dropping soon on Subpop’s singles club and a new AV collaboration with Jesse Kanda. A remix for Mdou Moctar and a collaborative album in the works with Indonesian duo ‘Gabber Modus Operandi’ and with Brazil metal band Deafbricks.
Rough Trade Bristol
Enforced + Support
Richmond, Virginia hardcore/thrash crossover reckoning force.
Gatecreeper at Exchange
Divide And Dissolve
Divide And Dissolve at Exchange
Old Man Gloom
Old Man Gloom at Exchange
The Lanes
PHUCT - Bristol's Rock & Metal Alternative
PHUCT - Bristol's Rock & Metal Alternative - official BOA promo night - Friday July 8th 2022
The Lanes
Presented by Gravy Train & BLG Promotions.
Crofters Rights
Klyphex Presents: Aviira w/ Seek Harbour
Klyphex Presents: Aviira w/ Seek Harbour (local support TBA)
Strange Brew
Nebula + The Atomic Bitchwax + More
Heavy Psych, Stoner Rock Royalty from the US
Dropout Kings
Dropout Kings + Borders at Exchange
The Lanes
Free show, presented by Gravy Train & BLG Promotions.
Cro-Mags at Exchange
Crofters Rights
Shade UK Bristol Debut has been upgraded!
BURN ALIVE plus guests
London hardcore punk, intimate venue
The Crown
C4C Fest
Mosh hard all day for a good cause
Monasteries & Creak
Monasteries & Creak at Exchange
Boy Hits Car
Boy Hits Car at Exchange
Crofters Rights
Bleak Soul / El Moono / Autumnboy
Blowout Presents Bleak Soul, El Moono and Autumnboy at Crofters Rights (Room 2), Bristol
Crofters Rights
We Struck Gold, Overthrone & Rosen Bridge
A triple threat of underground UK metalcore/melodic hardcore
Obscura at Exchange
The Lanes
Presented by Damnatio Memoriae & BLG Promotions.
Zed Alley, Bristol
MADE OF TEETH plus guests
MADE OF TEETH, Icantdie, Throwing Knives, Scrape, Nelson St. and who are the monsters at Zed Alley, Bristol
Strange Brew
Liturgy LIVE
Transcendental black metal act fronted by Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, existing in the space between metal, art music and sacred ritual
Unsane ATX performing early cuts.
Conjurer at Exchange
The Trinity Centre
Zeal & Ardor
Blackened metal meets soaring gospel
The Trinity Centre
Twelve Foot Ninja
Australia's maniacal rock-fusioneers
Bad Omens
Bad Omens at Exchange
Blood Youth + Cane Hill
Blood Youth + Cane Hill at Exchange