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A electro night in Bristol

Bass & Electro in Bristol

— 19 upcoming clubnights

Bristol's Electro Scene

It's 2003, Rennie Pilgrim's Emit remix is on serious rotation and Cut and Run remixing another classic that should have been left well alone! This was when breaks were breaks and the genre moved predictably through reggae, hiphop and electro without disturbing the wider music scene.

Fast forward to 2010 and 'breaks' is dead. In its place the open casket which is 'electro', no longer the preserve of choppy drums and stabbing synths, 'electro' today encompasses elements from across the dance music spectrum with a diverse range of artists to attaching the 'electro' label to their sound.

The sound of electro in Bristol is vast, catching all the international players from Erol Alkan and Boys Noize to Toddla T and Redlight all bringing their own take on 'electro' to the table and redefining the genre as they go. It's this chicken and egg scenario that liberates the genre and allows nights like Shit The Bed at Motion and Blowpop at Thekla to have such a diverse sound.

Visiting producers like Sinden borrow basslines from dubstep and garage while artists from the Boyz Noise and Ed Banger imprints inflate traditional electro synths beyond recognition. Whether it's the manicness of fidget house (a la Redlight) or the choppy breakbeats of 90s old skool (Toddla T), Bristol's electro listings are bursting with influences from across dance music.
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More Photos of Bass & Electro in Bristol

Crowd at a electro night in Bristol 2018
A electro clubnight in Bristol
DJ and crowd at electro night.
A electro night in Bristol
The Stag And Hounds
Schwet x Dance Party with Apostille (Night School)
Synth Pop & Electro Punk from Night School bossman, with Schwet & Dance Party DJs playing weirdo-beat
The Old Market Assembly
A Date with the Night
Join DJs ElectroNic( Don't Tell Your Mother) and Nina Colada for a night of electro classics and modern dance floor fillers.
The Doghouse
Kissy Sell Out
4 Deck, 90 Min Set ONLY 200 Tickets Available
Crofters Rights
SHD w/ Circular Jaw & Prjkts
On the 31st of May we're back at the Crofter's Rights for another leaned up knees up featuring family and friends from across the UK.
Take Five Cafe
Floor Function: Manami & Iz.wav
Floor Function's debut, presenting Manami and Iz.wav
The Love Inn
Semi Peppered//The Love Inn
Full residential line up, £3 all night, you know the drill.
The Island
Soul Shake Presents: Folamour
Folamour is coming to Bristol to join our residents for our second night in the slammer...
Crofters Rights
Vibe Roulette
Vibe Roulette returns to Bristol for more musical anarchy!!
Level 2 (Kongs Cardiff)
The SEX TAGS MANIA boss-man makes his Welsh debut.
Cafe Kino
Electro Cafe
Live Electro Acid, Esoteric Electro and Techno
Housework Day & Night feat. PLO Man + Gatto Fritto
We've decided to throw our longest party ever. 12 hours of fun, about half of it in the sun (the rest in an art gallery)
Basement 45
Playground Hustle
Raw techno, classic house and everything in between.
Gwdihw Cardiff
The world is going disco and so are we, with a twist.
Crofters Rights
Gravy Train: Julie's Haircut (Rocket Recordings) + guests
We return to Lawrence Hill for another all-night party.