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A workshops & classes performance in Bristol

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Bristol's Workshops & Classes Scene

Creatives has always been drawn to the city of Bristol - we don't know what came first, the creatives or the workshops and classes! Whatever your poison is: pottery, dance classes, life drawing, basket weaving, yoga - Bristol has it all. Bristol Folk House on Park Street is a key public-facing arts centre - providing workshops on photography, music writing, all forms of modern dance and everything in between (usually at affordable prices).

The RWA, Bristol's oldest art gallery (and one of the only academies left in the UK) also host an art and drawing school offering everything from month long courses to drop-in life drawing events. Other key creative spaces to check out for workshops and classes in Bristol include the Maker Shed @ St Paul's Learning Centre, Hamilton House, Bristol School of Art, Bristol Print Room and Spike Print Studio (to name just a few).

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Tech Manifesto Writing Workshop for Young People
Exploring the use of manifestos, experimental writing and political action to transform society’s relationship with technology
Phil Kaye: Workshop (Sold Out)
Internationally acclaimed writer and performer Phil Kaye leads an exclusive workshop on reconnecting to our past selves.
Digital Health: Are Drs Ready for Digital Patient?
Exploring the implications of technological developments on the doctor-patient relationship
Invented Futures: Speculation, Visionaries & Myths
Tearing apart the narratives that fuel the development of new technology
Art and Dissent: Bristol’s Radical History
Dr Edson Burton, Lawrence Hoo & Ngaio Anyia discuss how Bristol can reconnect to its past through its history of radical BAME art & activism
Spoken Word in the UK | Discussion Panel
A panel discussion on the different aspects of the UK’s rich history and tradition of spoken word poetry.
Beth Calverley: Workshop (Sold Out)
Join Festival Poet Beth Calverley in a gentle adventure into place-based gratitude-writing.
PRSC vs The Future
What to know what goes on behind the scenes at the People's Republic of Stokes Croft?
Imaginarium - 8 wks Clown - Fool - Play
Come exercise the creative muscle of mind & body
Will Harris: Workshop for NHS Workers (Sold Out)
An open, relaxed writing workshop for our wonderful NHS workers.
Malika Booker: Workshop (Sold Out)
Writing in Conversation with Contemporary Poets - a read, discuss and write session with Malika Booker.
Kat Lyons: Workshop (Sold Out)
Writing Workshop. An exploration in reconnecting our poetry brains to our bodies, with Kat Lyons.
Caroline Bird: Workshop (Sold Out)
Writing workshop. A masterclass with Caroline Bird exploring what it means to write a dangerous poem.
Beth Calverley: Festival Poet Performance
New and old works from Beth Calverley, Lyra’s 2021 Festival Poet. Featuring Bethany M. Roberts.
Kat François | Workshop (Sold Out)
"How to Shake the Sh*t Out Of Your Life". A workshop with Kat François for writers & artists, presented in association with Apples & Snakes.
Jam Jar
Life Drawing at The Jam Jar
A weekly Purdie Life Drawing session