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A cinema performance in Bristol

Cinema & Independent Film in Bristol

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Bristol's Cinema Scene

Headfirst aims to cover all the events that make this city special and so we’re really pleased that this also includes cinema. We consider the The Cube cinema an essential asset to Bristol, a venue with ethics and enthusiasm to match its innovative programming. Over the past few years we have seen this volunteer driven ‘microplex’ provide a launchpad for emerging Bristol artists, ranging from filmmakers and performance artists to theatres shows and alternative musicians. Less experimental but equally as prolific, The Watershed hosts discussions and independent film festivals alongside its world cinema programming.

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Another Bristol cinema show
Shextreme Film Festival: Skate Empowerment
A cinematic celebration of women in skateboarding on screen and behind the camera.
Shextreme Film Festival: Connected Communities
A cinematic celebration of women in extreme sports and adventure communities
The Cube
'tis an ill wind that blows no minds
Vanguard Film Fest: Wild Style
Wild Style: Directed by Charlie Ahearn, is regarded as the first hip hop feature film. Hosted by Mary McCarthy, Vanguard p
Vanguard Film Fest: Bombin'
Bombin' Directed by Dick Fontaine, reveals a deep dive into US hip hops influence on the 80’s British Graffiti Art Scene.
Vanguard Film Fest - Martha: A Picture Story
Martha: A Picture Story. Directed by Selina Miles. It is an affirming and inspiring story of a trailblazing woman who is consid
Film / Le Silence est D'or (1947)
Dir: René Clair (France), 106m.
Crafts & Curious
Night at the Mall
After hours movie screening in The Galleries shopping mall
The Cube
Echoic Memory Presents: Mabe Fratti & Tisla
Mabe Fratti is an experimental cellist and composer. Originally from Guatemala, Fratti is now based in Mexico City.
The Thunderbolt
War Against Sleep. Live at The Thunderbolt
War Against Sleep with support from Phonseca and Paper Fishes
Film / Crainquebille (1922)
Dir: Jacques Feyder (France), 90m
Zed Alley
Wrapped in Plastic: A David Lynch Inspired Cabaret
Join us for a Lyncian inspired cabaret where the only thing you can expect is the unexpected.
The Lanes
Ur So Emo - The Lanes - November 19th
Bristols Throwback Emo/Screamo/Pop-Punk/Post-Hardcore Party
The Lanes
That Feel Good Night - The Lanes - December 17th
Non-Stop Feel Good Anthems ''All Night Long''