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A experimental pop gig in Bristol

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Bristol's Experimental Pop Scene

Experimental pop events in Bristol are easy to find: Bristol has always been the place for music with a bit of an edge to it (notorious local act the Pop Group are anything but....) There's a range of smaller venues in the city like the Crofter's Rights, the Old England and the Cube that regular put on gigs of the experimental variety - often crossed over with those pop hooks you know and love.

Bristol's music crowd is well-known for it's open minded tastes so DJs in the city can get away with playing experimental music, even in busy mid-week venues like the Galllimaufry. Stokes Croft is really the place, with venues like Cafe Kino and the Arts House also putting on experimental pop gigs as well as folk and noise.

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The Louisiana
Tonstartssbandht + The Rothmans
Brothers Andy & Edwin White make their long-awaited Bristol return
The Louisiana
Presented by Damnatio Memoriae.
Animal Collective
Simple Things proudly presents: Animal Collective live at SWX